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Our team is dedicated to its clients' continued success. As such, G|I|S approaches each project with a unique and fresh perspective. Understanding that each client is different, we work diligently to individually tailor a proposed solution to best fit each customer's business needs, while simultaneously applying industry best practices to ensure the highest quality deliverables. G|I|S consultants have extensive experience in the areas of technology and management. Furthermore, we have access to various specialized tools and resources to supplement G|I|S service offerings.

G|I|S also understands that IT Infrastructure is the backbone for a modern organization. A well designed and maintained IT Infrastructure will lead to improved Information management, data flow, information exchange, and communication for a given project undertaking. As an experienced IT vendor, G|I|S understands this and makes it a point to promote the importance of an effective IT Infrastructure as a technology and management means for its clients. G|I|S provides the best in class support that includes but not limited to the development of, robust IT infrastructure, enterprise architecture (EA), and collaboration tools that leverage proven technology standards..

G|I|S guides its clients through the development and execution of strategies for developing and growing core businesses for guaranteed success. We begin by enabling our clients define the strategic drivers for bottom-line performance improvements and focus their limited resources on the critical or priority areas. Our approach is always plan driven with a clear roadmap for success.  Below are highlights of our methodology, which would be used to create a roadmap for your organization's success.

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  Green Light Methodology G|I|S - "Green Light" Project Management Methodology Highlights

Green Light Methodology Initiate

    - Includes setting vision and goal, defining scope and establishing requirements

Green Light Methodology Plan

    - Includes work project planning, risk assessment and setting quality targets

Green Light Methodology Execute

    - Includes establishing project teams, development of product and progress tracking

Green Light Methodology Monitor/Control

    - Includes product delivery, IV&V and training

Green Light Methodology Close/Deploy/ Transition

    - Includes product acceptance, transition to support and operations