About Us - Overview

G|I|S, Inc. is a management and technology consulting firm that combines the talent, methodologies, and experience of large scale company with the flexibility, focus, cost structure, and commitment of a smaller firm.

We begin each project with the client's interest and vision in mind; that is the organization's to-be state: business, product, service, capability and/or profile. From the outset, we assist the client to define a clear vision on what needs to be produced. Based on the defined vision, we perform an in-depth analysis by providing the most reliable and current business and technical advice as well as help select the best tools and approaches. We then apply a proven methodology to each business process requirement and help the client achieve the results sought at every level of the organization. Once the client's business requirements, tools and processes are in place, we establish and execute custom plans to align the client's business processes and information systems, incorporating a continuous improvement process to sustain the focus on the vision.

This is what G|I|S is about, achieving the results desired in methodical demonstrated approaches. The G|I|S technology management methodology empowers our clients to make timely business decisions based on the most comprehensive, organized and easily accessible project information, and encourages "buy-in" through its collaborative mission approach.

This is our story...

G|I|S , Inc. is a for-profit business and yet through its practices strives to promote a more socially healthy, responsible and unified global community. Our mission is to be the best global technology and management consulting firm that strives to provide first class advise and solutions to its clients. To that end GIS collaborates with other organizations as necessary to get the best outcome possible for its clients.

Our long-range goal is to positively contribute to the transformation of the way global corporations relate to people, communities and the environment in the universal realm. We encourage our customers, employees and partners to engage in and contribute to the promotion of an ethically healthy and socially responsible global community by being examples. We believe that the values of corporate responsibility and accountability in doing business the right way, will not only help build its brand, it will help maintain the integrity of the business environment, foster civil society and therefore encourage thriving international trade.

  Our Principles:
  • To clients, we guarantee:
    • Integrity
        Given the nature of global business, our customers are located in various countries with various laws and traditions, we are careful to conduct our business relationships and operations in manners where we do not place ourselves in positions and situations which may invite legal or ethical conflicts.
    • Quality
        The concept of quality permeates every aspect of our business; from the way we go about our work, to the end products and services which are delivered to our clients.
    • Confidentiality
        We recognize that confidentiality is of high importance to our customers and are conscientious in safeguarding and preventing unauthorized disclosure or dissemination of such confidential and proprietary information, data and/or documents that we may come into contact with in the course of our work, unless it is deemed necessary for the purpose of work or the conduct of an authorized audit.
    • Respect for local laws, customs, practices and the environment
        We respect the letter and the spirit of international regulations, local laws and customs of all our customers, and seek to exercise sound judgment in working within the parameters of your local business practices and within global ethical sense. We will try to work with our client to assure our projects take the proper measures to help protect the environment and choose green policies whenever applicable.

  • To business partners, we assure:
    • Collaborative Efforts
        We believe in pooling together our resources and leveraging each other's expertise and strengths to achieve the best results in any business opportunity so that everyone benefits from the partnership. We have the enthusiasm to quickly learn your practices and make ours flexible to create the best collaborative solutions in order to significantly assist our common clients and projects.
    • Credibility
        We are rigorous in selecting and working with qualified and reliable partners and service providers in order to deliver superior products and solutions to our clients. We apply the same standards of ourselves.
    • Technological Innovation
        We are always at the forefront of cutting-age technologies; as such our alliance with your company will result in lasting contributions to our partnership's competitive advantage. We bring forth technological innovations that ensure the co-existence of economic growth and environmental improvements.

  • To employees, we encourage:
    • Responsibility
        A large part of how we operate involves getting our employees and consultants to treat the projects as their own by instituting a system that rewards such behavior. By having a sense of ownership and pride in the projects we get involved in, we believe, such rewarding responsibility will help our team put in its best efforts to make sure that projects get completed on time and on budget with minimal supervision.
    • Teamwork
        We encourage our people to promote good teamwork because every employee's work affects other employeesin some way, and coordinated effort from every individual is crucial in keeping our activities on track, making the business an overall success. We extend similar teamwork principles to our partners and customers.

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What We Do

Some of our services are listed below: (for detailed list go to Services | Solutions)

  • Information Technology (IT) Solution Development and Support
  • Business Process and Workflow Management
  • Capacity Building and Total Infrastructure Management
  • Human Resource and Material Support
  • Marketing and Campaign Support
  • Operations and Project Audit Support
  • Development and Implementation of Training and Certification Programs

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