At G|I|S we define capacity building as a process of improving and building the ability of a given institution or organization to meet an objective based on clearly defined activities.  For instance, an organization may want to improve its business processes in order to scale up and meet demand for its products or simply enhance its efficiency to improve profitability. Successful capacity building efforts result in the ability of organizations to manage their operation and services in an effective manner.

G|I|S helps organizations with their capacity building efforts by closely working with them in the planning and development of the  solutions needed to establish the necessary processes and environment needed to reach their goals.. We provide customized software solutions, industry sector tools, and staff training to help with an effective implementation of objectives stated in organizational capacity building programs.

  Our services include:
  • Capacity building requirements gathering
  • IT infrastructure backbone development
  • Internet and Social Media Presence
  • Subject Matter Expert Staffing
  • Interactive and customized training workshops
    • Evaluate methods, program performance enhancements, encourage participations
  • Strategic planning
  • Individualized coaching
  • Online training and tutorials
  • Theory of Change and Logic Model development
  • Technical Assistance Guides for practitioners and policymakers based on best practices research
  • Consultation regarding the overall program design, evaluation systems development, MOU development, and associated issues.
  • Overall Performance Management
  • Meeting facilitation and convening of stakeholders
  • Institute and conference planning

  Though not exhaustive, the following is a list of service areas that G|I|S is able to help with :

    • Assessments
    • Business planning and development
    • Collaboration
    • Conflict resolution
    • Evaluation
    • Facilities planning
    • Financial management
    • Fundraising
    • Information technology
    • Leadership development
    • Management development
    • Marketing (research, promotions)
    • Organizational development
    • Program design
    • Project management
    • Quality management
    • Risk management
    • Staffing (selection, development)
    • Strategic planning
    • Team building

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What We Do

Some of our services are listed below: (for detailed list go to Services | Solutions)

  • Information Technology (IT) Solution Development and Support
  • Business Process and Workflow Management
  • Capacity Building and Total Infrastructure Management
  • Human Resource and Material Support
  • Marketing and Campaign Support
  • Operations and Project Audit Support
  • Development and Implementation of Training and Certification Programs

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