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G|I|S is a reliable education partner that can provide training and education in disciplines that meet most of our clients’ software and business process needs. We offer training and consulting services in most key technology areas. Our training programs can help clients modernize their business and software development, and fuel change and innovation for their organizations.

G|I|S experts can help organizations make a smooth and predictable transition to new IT systems, software development practices while utilizing of the existing systems. G|I|S can offer customized training and education that will empower users, managers, developers and system administrators to confidently move forward with the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed.

No matter what your IT training needs are, G|I|S can help you meet your training goals. G|I|S can partner with leading USA training providers in IT and various other fields.

Please note our training solutions are designed for your enterprise's workforce. Contact us for further information.

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What We Do

Some of our services are listed below: (for detailed list go to Services | Solutions)

  • Information Technology (IT) Solution Development and Support
  • Business Process and Workflow Management
  • Capacity Building and Total Infrastructure Management
  • Human Resource and Material Support
  • Marketing and Campaign Support
  • Operations and Project Audit Support
  • Development and Implementation of Training and Certification Programs

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