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The golden goose of tomorrows investing is being able to break into the growing wealth of developing global markets. According to a global report released in 2010, China surpassed the 420 million mark in the number of Internet users, sealing its title as the biggest global Internet presence.

With the advent of this type of opportunity, any organization from a business to a government entity would have lack vision not to stay abreast of this global phenomenon. G|I|S technology management service knows the value of this opportunity and can be readily advantageous in the pursuit of global presence to its clients.

Having a simple website is well intentioned but in order to really take advantage of the world wide web opportunities, an organization needs a well-defined and implemented internet presence. Our experts will help you plan your internet goals, establish your internet profile: logos, distinct identities and names, plan your global, regional and local internet presence; gauge and revamp your sites' performances, fortify your sites with proven security parameters and develop your contents. Your website, social media, and other mobile and online applications could be one of your most important assets

G|I|S will provide you the following services:

  • Design your logo
  • Help you establish your internet identity and credentials
  • Implement your web infrastructure
  • Secure and ensure your sites availability
  • Provide single sign-on or similar user access
  • Implement your organization's website and/or portal
  • Develop and help you manage the contents
  • Provide multi-language and disabled accessibility features
  • Develop specialized forms and workflows
  • Develop multimedia contents
  • Provide users, managers and administrators trainings
  • Develop help manage your social media and mobile platform presence
  • Help you market your goods and services to the regional, local and global world
  • Implement approved similar look and feel across your domain
  • Help you manage and approve contents and all information relayed via your sites
Standard and Custom Offerings: Multi-Sourced Global Delivery: Green Light Methodology:
G|I|S executes an interdisciplinary, end-to-end, user-centric approach to EUX design and development that employs the following techniques.
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • User Experience Research
  • Marketing
  • Training

G|I|S's and its partners' local and international global delivery centers will provide a concerted multi-sourced solution option for our global customers. This option combines senior-level solution advisors onshore to provide business and technical leadership and SEI CMMI, Six-Sigma and ITIL standards driven implementation services.

Find out more about Multi-Source Delivery

G|I|S's Green Light Methodology allows for repeatable, high-quality services delivery through a unique and proven execution process map. Our methodology is grounded in a thorough understanding of our clients' overall business strategy and competitive environment.

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Find out more about our Methodology

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Some of our services are listed below: (for detailed list go to Services | Solutions)

  • Information Technology (IT) Solution Development and Support
  • Business Process and Workflow Management
  • Capacity Building and Total Infrastructure Management
  • Human Resource and Material Support
  • Marketing and Campaign Support
  • Operations and Project Audit Support
  • Development and¬†Implementation of Training and Certification Programs

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